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Favorite Bloomers

It is the fall season and experienced gardeners know that this is the best time to plant.  Here are my top three favorites that bloom from mid-summer until the 1st freeze. All of these plants, once established, will do well if watered once per week. They all continue to bloom during our hottest temperatures when everything else has quit.

The first one is Firebush, Mexican Firebush or Hamelia patens.  In full sun, this stunner blooms profusely and is usually being visited by hummingbirds.  It grows to 5ft and freezes to the ground in the winter.  In the spring, be patient, as its is one of the last plants to leaf out.  It is available in smaller forms but this is my favorite.  

The next plant is Red Pride of Barbados or Caesalpinia pulcherrima.  This grows to 5 feet with large red and yellow flower clusters.  The foliage is a fine gray green.  Bees and hummingbirds cannot get enough.

My final choice is Yellow bells, Esparanza or Tecoma stans.  The traditional form grows to 5 ft X 5ft.  The flowers are a bright lovely yellow and the bees also love it.  It is now available in a dwarf variety which would be easier to place.  There are several other varieties with smaller, more orange blooms. 

Happy gardening, Holly


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