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Denver Trip 16th Street Stops

Hopping on the 16th Street Free MallRide was a fun little adventure just blocks from the hotel. The electric buses stop on every block between Civic Center Station and Union Station so it was easy to get off at my first destination site, The Tattered Corner Book Store.

Such a charming place to browse around for just the right book.
So many interesting features were incorporated into the store. Like fun bench nooks,
and large steel doors.
I could definitely spend the afternoon here, if only I had the time.
Next was the beautiful, grand Union Station Building which houses a collection of Denver’s local restaurants, bars and shops.
Inside was lovely too!
Outside near the fountains is a great spot for a cup of tea and people watching
Happily we decided to walk a bit. Otherwise I would have missed some of the cool art installations along the way.
These vibrant planters were as colorful as the flowers they held.
Such a creative and clever use of bottle caps!
Up close you can see all the different caps that were used for the design.
Hmmm, I might need to start saving bottle caps!

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