Prolonged freezing conditions bring beauty then devastation to the garden

It is still uncertain what the fate is of many of the plants, shrubs and tree in my gardens. I am tying to keep a hopeful outlook knowing how resilient plants can be. I got to see that first hand after Hurricane Harvey took its toll on my Rockport garden. So for now, I will give plants a fighting chance by allowing time for them to show signs of possible recovery. At least there was the rare snow covered beauty to briefly enjoy as I snapped photos of an event I hope to not experience again, or at least not anytime soon.

Browsing through some photos of “Before” and “After” it is hard to believe so much destruction occurred to the large cedars which have stood for decades in my garden. This before photo is the path leading to our house.

The initial snowfall blankets the garden, but this was only one of several systems that moved through Texas that week.

After photo showing the many broken limbs that crashed down in the garden. Yes, there is a path under all that debris. We could hear the loud crack then crash of the limbs falling all around us.

The view from the creek’s bridge towards the path to the house. So lovely and green before.

Steps to the upper garden area just weeks before the “Event.”

The work has begun to clear and remove the fallen limbs and dead trees, I am patiently waiting until mid March to tackle cutting back the rest of the plants and shrubs. It is rather depressing to see all the deathly brown that has replaced the vibrant green in my garden. But spring is coming and with it hope for survivors that will return and opportunity to add many new additions to the garden.

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