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About Joellen’s Garden

I consider “my garden” my entire yard, almost 1 acre, since there is no grass. It is a wild and an unruly area waiting to be developed into the vision I have of what my garden should be.  Plants that survive my shady, non irrigated environment have been free to roam and wander.  I continue to poke and plod and persevere and bit by bit one can see my attempts to shape this yard into a garden.

When I first moved here over 18 years ago, I had a blank slate except for large cedar and chinaberry trees which still reside here. The deer had eaten everything else that would grow. I had some retaining walls put in to help define what I thought were going to be my garden areas, installed a fence to keep the deer out, planted some ivy to help prevent erosion on my slopping lot and called it good. Slowly I’ve carved out some additional beds, incorporated several pathways to navigate through the overgrown ivy and added some places to stop and linger and enjoy all that a garden has to offer.

I’m a plant collector at heart and can’t resist a new find even when I have no idea where to place it. Fortunately I have a garden both in Austin and Rockport to choose from. I often  experiment by challenging plants to grow outside their preferred requirements.  Typically this means shady and dry situations in Austin and windy and salty conditions in Rockport.  One of the best thing about gardening is when a plant surprises me and actually works.

Besides garden tours, I get my inspirations from walking in old established neighborhoods, visiting the numerous wonderful nurseries we have in Austin and garden blogs I’ve recently discovered.  How wonderful it is to to see a lovely garden where its gardener has succeeded in making his/her vision a realty.  As for me and my gardens, the work continues…

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