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Prolonged freezing conditions bring beauty then devastation to the garden

It is still uncertain what the fate is of many of the plants, shrubs and tree in my gardens. I am tying to keep a hopeful outlook knowing how resilient plants can be. I got to see that first hand after Hurricane Harvey took its toll on my Rockport garden. So for now, I will... Continue Reading →

Ruellia Flowers in Bloom

The Texas August heat wave is no problem for the ruellias scattered throughout my garden. And for the shady gardener, the many varieties of ruellia provide blooms you can count on. Blooms will continue until the first frost to the delight of butterflies and hummingbirds. Ruellia humilis, only gets 1-2 feet high with slightly fuzzy... Continue Reading →

A Walk Through the Garden on June 1st

Before the sweltering heat sets in, I vowed to spend a little more time enjoying the garden. This morning, my Hypericum still had a few blooms left. Salvia Amistad adds splashes of purple. Whenever I trim this plant back I make new cuttings to continue repeating this plant throughout the garden. Aspidistra milky way is a spotted... Continue Reading →

Delightful Aroma

Gentle breezes carry the delightful aroma of a winter honeysuckle bush throughout my garden this month. The one by my front door was destroyed by contractors last remodel project and I had forgotten that I had planted another one tucked into a corner hidden from view and completely ignored. I had to search a bit... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday in Rockport 09/14/19

While the Austin garden is struggling to survive after 55 days of 100+ degree heat and one of the driest July's in our history, Rockport's sun loving plants are thriving. The star performer is the candlestick plant which have begun to put out their unique yellow blooms. Hiding behind the house keeps them protected from... Continue Reading →

Denver Trip 16th Street Stops

Hopping on the 16th Street Free MallRide was a fun little adventure just blocks from the hotel. The electric buses stop on every block between Civic Center Station and Union Station so it was easy to get off at my first destination site, The Tattered Corner Book Store. Such a charming place to browse around... Continue Reading →

Putting on a show

I have let the shrimp plants wander freely in my garden and in return they have rewarded me with an abundance of showy flowers this year. Cestrum is competing with a shower of yellow flowers. In my mostly green and shady garden, it is always a delight to have blooms to attract butterflies, bees and... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring

On a visit to the South Austin Nursery The Great Outdoors, I was rewarded with not only an amazing variety of blooming plants, but butterflies as well!

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