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My garden is more about texture than anything. Texture creates interest which carries the garden between blooming seasons. It gives a gardener the opportunity to use unique combinations to display one’s individual style. Here are some of my favorite, reliable texture plants in my garden.

Grecian Urn Plant (acanthus mollis) 
Japanese Aralia (fatsia japonica), Evergreen.
Fig Tree,  Deciduous.  
Black and Blue Salvia (salvia guaranitica), Dies back.
Holly Fern (chromium falcatum),  Evergreen.
Tropicana Canna, Dies back in winter. 

Chrysanthemum Pacificum –  Gold and Silver  (ajania pacifica) I use it on the edge of a bed for texture. Not for the tiny yellow flowers. Usually dies back in winter. 

Dyckia in pot with Shrimp Plant in background.

Have some fun with texture! 


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