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Some Favorite Things from the Denver Garden Fling – Part 1

Ice pants provided an impressive display and great first impression!

The stunning flowers of the ice plants were amazing. At times the blooms completely blanketed the plant’s leaves.

Love this vibrant orange/red color!
Filling in along this pathway, you can get an up close view.
So pretty!
Nice accent on the corner of the walkway.

Next were the Irises!

Our visit was timed perfectly to take advantage of all the blooming irises in so many beautiful colors.  Simply wonderful!

These variegated leaves added an additional wow factor.
Does this really exist? Swirls of purple and white, so elegant and graceful.
What an awesome color combination!
Deep purple, almost black, was a repeat favorite at several gardens.
I just couldn’t stop taking photos of every iris that I saw!
So delicate!
Unfortunately, my photos do not do justice to these beauties!
And more Irises….
And more…
Last one!

Succulents were tucked into little nooks and crannies throughout the gardens.

Every tiny space was used.

Crevice gardens were a poplar feature.

Succulents happily sharing the space around this water meter.
Even tucked into this log.
And among boulders.
And growing out of rocks!
Great to use around fences as weeds don’t stand a chance.
Different varieties creating such an interesting grouping.

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