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Six on Saturday in Rockport 09/14/19

While the Austin garden is struggling to survive after 55 days of 100+ degree heat and one of the driest July’s in our history, Rockport’s sun loving plants are thriving.

The star performer is the candlestick plant which have begun to put out their unique yellow blooms. Hiding behind the house keeps them protected from the wind. This one is almost 12′ tall!

Hibiscus are blooming and this common variety needs less water and is more reliable in my garden.

Pride of Barbados can take the heat and still look amazing. I transplanted some seedlings from my son’s garden last month and they are taking off.

I haven’t seen this many blooms at once on my plumeria plants before. This plant is from a broken piece salvaged from after the hurricane and put back into the garden in June.

Cape honeysuckle is tough as nails and delivers vibrant orange flowers just in time for the hummingbirds.

The hummingbirds have been arriving and getting ready for their migration south. I have 5 feeders out for them now and I am enjoying all the action from these little guys.


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday in Rockport 09/14/19

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  1. Your garden doesn’t seem to be suffering after the dry July as you have bright and colourful exotic blooms to enjoy. I like the Pride of Barbados with its red and yellow flowers.


  2. Yes, Pride of Barbados doesn’t mind hot and dry conditions at all. Looking forward to when this little seedling gets 5′ tall and wide and will be covered in blooms.


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