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Signs of Spring

On a visit to the South Austin Nursery The Great Outdoors, I was rewarded with not only an amazing variety of blooming plants, but butterflies as well!

Winter Blooms

Strolling along my Austin garden this morning I almost didn’t notice my Sandankwa Viburnum was blooming, a first! I planted this as a small 1 gallon shrub 3 years ago.  The flowers are hidden on the underside of the branches and are easy to miss. Lovely surprise. Japanese Aralia joined in with this bloom. And... Continue Reading →

A few cuttings

There is always something in the garden available to create a simple flower arrangement. This vase with hibiscus blooms, yellow duranta berries, and deep red firebush berries were picked on New Year’s Eve in my Rockport garden.

Oleanders loving the Texas heat

Two of my favorites in my Rockport coastal garden. The soft yellow flowers are fragrant and the wind carries the scent throughout the garden. This pretty peach oleander is a dwarf variety and better suited to a garden bed, staying about 3-4′ in height.

Dry Shade Performers

Mahonias have been a great addition to the dry shady areas of my garden. Charity and Soft Caress are my favorites. Leatherleaf has popped up in various locations around the garden, but not so much that it is a nuisance.  Charity thrived in this much neglected pot out of the fence among all the deer.... Continue Reading →

Freeze Survivors

While examining my plants after our cold winter freezes, I  was surprised by these 2 new additions to my garden. This palm-like plant was a 4″ small pot I found at Barton Springs Nursery and gave it a happy home in a tall lime green planter surrounded by the contrast of purple Persian Shield (which... Continue Reading →

Favorite Bloomers

It is the fall season and experienced gardeners know that this is the best time to plant.  Here are my top three favorites that bloom from mid-summer until the 1st freeze. All of these plants, once established, will do well if watered once per week. They all continue to bloom during our hottest temperatures when everything... Continue Reading →

Helping out the Hummers

With most of the flowers gone in Rockport, our poor little hummingbirds will certainly struggle to find food sources. I put out 3 feeders and was immediately welcomed by at least a dozen hungry hummingbirds.

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